Handmade art glass lampwork beads by Blue Heeler G

Beadmakers since 1994, we relocated from Anchorage, Ak, to Lyman, Ne in 2001--to a house we hadn't seen, since we weren't able to make the initial visit. (Our tickets were for 9-11).

We live on the edge of town in a wonderful old house (built in 1939). We're in the process of turning the yard into garden space.
Right now we live with Eddie, a pound rescue, part spaniel, part border collie, as best we can tell, that is.... The Cocoa puff grew up and had a puppy named Peanut, who has really short legs, and really big ears----we're kind of wondering about the dad's pedigree.
No new cats, we still have Joshua the magpie and Kittykittypepper. Moshe the leopard gecko joined the crew a couple of years ago. He and the cats entertain each other...he would like to eat the cats and they would like to eat him...
Bon-bon and King Cat Gidiya are frolicking in the happy hunting grounds---the last ties to Alaska are gone.


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